Papilles Menu + Frank Cornelissen Wine Dinner, June 27th

In the second of our series of Natural wine dinners, we present to you the wines of Belgium born Frank Cornelissen. He is truly an enfant terrible and he produces some of the most interesting wines on the planet. These wines are perhaps the “most” natural of them all. Our friend Amy Atwood will be here to help pour and talk about the wines. This is a quite special tasting as these bottles are extremely rare. Beware! These wines are not for the faint-hearted.

4 courses, $69. For more info, please click here or on the appropriate link above.

Papilles Menu: 6/22. 3 courses, $34. Menu and price subject to change.

Foie gras torchon $20 supplement.

1. “Peaches and cream,” arugula, white Balsamic.
Compressed watermelon and cucumber salad.

2. Halibut cheeks, prawns, ratatouille. Limited.
Roast half Mary’s chicken with lyonnaise potatoes, mizuna.

3. Chocolate terrine.
Monte Enebro.