Papilles Menu

3 courses, $35. Menu and price subject to change.

1. Corn soup
Asparagus and porcini, with frisee salad and soft-boiled egg

2. Scallops, cauliflower, fresh green almonds, fried capers
Beef cheeks, summer succotash.

3. Chocolate terrine, creme anglaise, pistachio
Cana di cabra, honey, almonds

4 thoughts on “Papilles Menu

  1. Here’s a concept: send out your menu a couple of days in advance. Getting your email at “3 pm the day of” doesn’t do much. Just a thought.

    • Hey John, thanks for the feedback. We’ll do our best to post the menus earlier, but sometimes we just don’t know what we’ll serve until a few hours before service. For the set-ups, we buy our produce fresh from the Farmer’s Markets, and what we can serve on any given day will depend on what we are able to buy at the market. This means a lot of last minute planning. It might be possible to sometimes post two days in advance if we just posted the proteins, but even the protein may change last minute. Today, I had to go to IMP to pick up scallops because they were out of the fish that Tim ordered last night. He found out in the morning. (The last thing we want is a bunch of pissed off people looking for skate wing.) I hope you understand our timing for sending out the menus, and I hope you can make it for this menu, cause it rocks! (it actually rocks every week). See you soon!

  2. Santos, may I suggest that whenever you change the menu, you put it in a new posting, rather than editing an existing one. The notification system only sends out a new email for each new posting. Therefore, those who rely on the email notifications to see what’s new on the menu will miss these updates.

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