Papilles Menu + Natural Wine Dinner May 30th

When I was in Paris, all the bistros where I dined had wine lists that were full of natural wines; wines that were “sans soufre,” or no sulfites added, made with respect to the environment. They were daring in style, raw, and pure. These were among the most terroir driven wines I’ve had, and they were amazing!
Although we don’t have access to all of the natural wines from France, there are more and more importers and distributors like Amy Atwood and Wesley Hamel that are bringing them to our shores. In fact almost all of the French wines we carry are natural.
On May 30th, we will be hosting a dinner with Wesley and we will be drinking (not tasting) 4 natural wines, paired with a four course dinner. For more details about the menu and pricing please click on the approriate page. (One night in Paris I drank two whole bottles of natural wine by myself and had the mildest of hangovers the next day. Just sayin’.)
Now on to today’s menu!

3 courses $34. Menu and price subject to change.

1. Salad with baby spinach, lardons and soft boiled duck egg
Lentil soup, mirepoix

2. Bourride: classic fisherman’s stew, with halibut, clams, and fennel
Pork porterhouse with confit potatoes, zucchini, favas, English peas, and pork jus

3. Cabot clothbound cheddar, sweet potato jam, hazenuts
Harry’s Berries strawberry tart