Papilles menu: 3/16

3 courses $36. Menu and price subject to change.

1. Broccoli veloute, forest mushrooms.
Beef marrow bone, parsley and fennel salad.

2. Sauteed barramundi, roast cauliflower, chorizo saffron jus
Pan roasted flat iron, baby artichokes barigoule, beef jus.

3. Creme caramel
Cabot Creamery clothbound cheddar, Moroccan sweet potato jam, toasted hazelnuts.

5 thoughts on “Papilles menu: 3/16

  1. Thank you, Chef Ted and staff, that was amazing! Like beyond.Each course more perfect than the next. OMG, the broccoli soup was astounding, delicate and earthy. And the artichokes’ licoricey tang melded perfectly with the steak.And the Bourgogne pinot noir was perfect! I can’t wait until next week’s thrilling surprise. And when lamb appears on the menu–swoon! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  2. Oh Chef Tim, tonight’s dinner was soooo sublime! The lamb was perfect, and the creme caramel so tender. and the Cabot cheddar….Amazing, wonderful, a meal of my dreams! Looking forward to your next inspired series of courses.

    Any chance of fois gras, crab or lobster? Scallops? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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