Papilles menu 1/25/12 and a note to vegetarians.

We’ve had a couple of inquiries of what we do for vegetarians. Our answer is this: We always have vegetables that we can prepare for a vegetarian and make it taste wonderful, but we wouldn’t suggest this restaurant expressly for vegetarians.
Being a true French restaurant, we prepare most of our vegetables and grains for the day with meat stock and butter, but we can cook raw vegetables in oil for those that insist.
Now on to the menu…

3 courses, $33. Menu and prices subject to change.

1. Potato leek veloute, fried potatoes
Smoked opah belly, parsnip tarragon cream, parsnip chips

2. Roast half Mary’s chicken, salsify, potato confit, nettle coulis, jus
Pan roasted blue nose bass (kick his ass seabass!), DiCiccio broccoli, black trumpet mushrooms

3. Quadrello, figs, marcona almonds
Lemon tarte

4 thoughts on “Papilles menu 1/25/12 and a note to vegetarians.

  1. As a vegetarian who lived in France, I know how unaccommodating they can be. California is not France and I’m disappointed by your limited options. We were so looking forward.

    • A message from the chef:

      I love vegetables. As a native Angeleno I take pride in the bounty of produce we have available locally, a bounty I feel is unparalelled the world over. All of our produce is sourced by me, personally, mainly from three different area farmer’s markets. Hours are spent each week developing relationships with the farmers i encounter at these events and my best effort is made to ensure that the highest quality vegetable product is acquired for our guests’ enjoyment. This time of year that means plenty Of root vegetables, humble workhorses that require some tlc to coax their flavor. Typically they are braised in butter and chicken stock prior to service, a combination i find delicious. That being said, i am not a vegetarian. We have limited space and a very small menu. Despite making every effort to accommodate all of our guests, we are a niche restaurant, and therefore it is difficult to dedicate entire dishes to the enjoyment of a small minority of our guests. We execute our vision very well. There are plenty of restaurants in this great city that offer more for the vegetarian diner, but at this time Papilles is not one of them. In our infancy we feel it is necessary to stick to our vision and be very good at one concept, not okay at multiple concepts. As a chef my ability to provide a vegetarian a desireable meal is eclipsed by others, and i want people to leave happy and full from the food i enjoy cooking, not food i am begrudgingly forced to cook.

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