Practice dinner.

Last night, Saturday, August 13 th, we hosted a little dinner party for 11 guests. We talked about the concept, different possible locations, the type of food we’ll be serving, and about where the highest demand is for this type of place.

Now, I’m not able to describe the dishes as well as chef can, but I’ll do my best.

For the dinner, we started out with a simple foie gras torchon that was briefly poached in some chicken stock. This was served with fleur de sel, and lightly toasted baguette. Next we had fried squash blossoms filled with squash puree among other things, and served with a goat cheese foam. For the third course, we baked some whole branzino over fennel stock flavored with some olives, tomatoes, garlic, shallots. The fish was stuffed with fresh thyme, basil, and fennel sticks. The fish was filleted and served over braised fennel, topped with shaved fennel, surrounded by cherry tomatoes, and drizzled with sauce made from the stock. The fourth course was a simple roasted leg of lamb, served with a kick ass sauce, runner beans served family style. We ended the meal with some cana di cabra goat cheese and honey.